10 facts you should know about Covenant University

There are some facts that you probably didn’t know about Covenant University and how they operate. Read this article to find out.

Covenant University

1. Establishment

Covenant University was established on October 21, 2002. The University is located in Ota, Ogun State. It is a private Christian institution affiliated with Living faith Worldwide, also know as Winners’ chapel. The Church and University was established by Dr David Oyedepo. The Motto of the school is “raising a new generation of leaders”.

2. Ownership and Governance

Covenant University was founded by David Oyedepo, the presiding Bishop of Living faith Church Wordwide. He also doubles as the Chancellor of the University. The present Vice Chancellor of the university is Professor AAA Atayero.

3. Popular Alumni

Popular celebrities in Nigeria schooled and graduated from Covenant University. They include

i. Bez (multi-instrumentalist and composer)

ii. Simi (lyricist and sound engineer)

iii. Ric Hassani (musician)

iv. Ini Dima Okojie (actress and style icon)

v. Gbubemi Fregene (Chef)

vi. ishaya Bako (film director and screenwriter

vii. Dolapo “Lowalee” Adeleke (filmmaker)

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4. Educational prowess

Covenant University is currently one of the best University in Nigeria. It was the most sought after private school in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. The University is known for producing many first class graduate every year. Their students scale successfully in their various works of life. It is a highly recommended University that has successfully carved a niche for themselves in the academic sector of Nigeria since its inception in 2002.

5. School fees

The school fees paid in Covenant University differs from one department to the other. The fees starts from #800000. The lowest fees paid is #817500 while the highest paid is #882500.

Covenant University Courses And Admission Requirements

6. Strict rules

Covenant University is know for laying down strict rules for their students to obey. If such rules are disobeyed, it could lead to suspension or rustication from the school. Such rules include:

Must not listen to/watch worldly music

No smoking/consumption of hard drugs

Attendance of church service is mandatory

Wearing of jeans or revealing clothes is not allowed

Use of cell phones is not allowed

Pornography is prohibited.

7. Colleges

The University has four colleges. They are:

A. College of Business and Social sciences

B. College of Engineering

C. College of Leadership and Development Studies

D. College of Science and Technology

8. Colour

The official colour of the University is purple.

9. Ranking

Going by the latest ranking, Covenant University is the the no 1 in Nigeria, the fifth in Africa and 636th best University in the world.

10. Accommodation

The University has a total of 10 hall of residence, five for male and five for female. This houses a total of 10000 students.

I hope you now know what you didn’t know before about Covenant University. Enjoy!

The official website of Covenant University is covenantuniversity.edu.ng


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