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What is Baba Ijebu about and How do I play the Baba Ijebu Lotto? Is baba Ijebu the same thing as Premier Lotto? These are the questions OgunObservers will answer today.

Now, what is baba Ijebu? Baba Ijebu is a Gaming Company which was incorporated in 2001 and was built to carry out the Lotto business in Nigeria. The founder and current Chief Executing Officer of Baba Ijebu is Chief Kessington Adebukunola Adebutu.

As for whether baba Ijebu and Premiere loto mean the same thing, the answer is simply yes. Baba Ijebu is also called Premier Lotto.

Premier Lotto comprises of a management team that has over 40 years combined experience in the gaming industry and has been able to take advantage of such experience to run the business over the years and as a result giving rise to one of the biggest lotto practice in West Africa.

Baba Ijebu Lotto currently has one of the biggest lotto practices in Nigeria operating with over 200 principal agents supervising over 16,000 sub-agents/sales representatives spread across the western region of Nigeria. The company’s ability to pay winnings consistently has made her the leader in the gaming industry.

baba ijebu lottery

The name Baba Ijebu was coined from the Founders and CEO’s background of Ijebu land. Ijebu-Ode is a town in Ogun State, South-West Nigeria, close to the A121 highway. The city is located 110 km by road north-east of Lagos; it is within 100 km of the Atlantic Ocean in the eastern part of Ogun State and possesses a warm tropical climate.

Baba Ijebu from literal point of view means an elderly man from Ijebu.  Ijebu, according to Yoruba words means “ Ijeun inu ibu “ which later transformed and shortened to the word “IJEBU”. Ijeun inu Ibu mean eating from the deepest ocean, or picking the rarest commodities that lie on the ocean floor. Ijebu are reputable and smart people within the etho-geographical subdivision of Yoruba race.

The Vision and Mission of Baba Ijebu

The Vision of Baba Ijebu is to be known to consistently deliver value with a deep sense of commitment in what they do.

The Mission is to provide customers with timely and cost-effective service. Their services are tailored to suit each individual customers needs. To achieve this, commitment propels baba Ijebu towards ensuring that they get nothing short of the best.

Baba Ijebu Products And Services

Baba Ijebu deals in Lotto, a fixed-odds game in which players contest against the House (the operator), and not against each other. The amount won is independent of other winners. The operator bears the total risk and literarily can win or lose.

There are five different ways to play; from a single number bet to 5 numbers. There are no prize categories. A player either wins the full amount or loses the bet totally. A player can stake any amount he wishes (between a minimum stake and usually a maximum stake). The amount he is paid depends on the amount that he staked.

Since there is no pool and the prize is independent of other players there can be as many draws a day as is technically possible. One form of the fixed-odds game (Keno) is drawn several times a day. The payout is about 62%/63%, but unlike the lottery, the turnover is big. Commission payable to agents is 25%.

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Baba Ijebu currently plays 23 games and draws 27 times a week. This is divided into four games daily except on Sundays, where draws are done only thrice.

All draws are broadcasted on radio and are also publicized in specialized newspapers that serve the business. All winnings are paid in cash through the company’s established payment centres which are open 24-hrs daily.

The game has permutations 2, 3, 3 direct and 2 sure. 2 sure permutations are when two of the player’s numbers drop. This means that if a player plays permutation 2 sure with N5, he will win N1,200 especially if the player’s two numbers drop because the number is 2 out of 90. It means that if you choose two numbers and the ball is rolled, it will display five numbers. If two of your numbers come out, then you win depending on how much you stake. The higher you stake, the greater the amount you win.

3 Direct is one of the most top paying plans. As the name implies, it means you need to get three numbers out of the five Baba Ijebu winning numbers. A lot of stakers prefer the games played from Monday to Saturday, while the most popular game, which is national, is played on Saturdays.

How to Check Baba Ijebu Results

You can now receive results directly on your phone. Simply buy the PremierCard/BabaIjebuCard and follow the instructions at the back of the card

How to use the Card
Scratch off the covered area to find your secret PIN.
Text the PIN number to 32240 for Zain and Glo subscribers.
For MTN, text PIN to 0703 0000 280.
A confirmation will be sent to your phone and you start receiving draw results as soon as draws are made

How to Contact Baba Ijebu

Do you have further inquiries about baba Ijebu Loto? You can use the following address, email. website and phone number to reach the Baba Ijebu Support.

Lagos (Head Office) –
112 Funso Williams Avenue, (formerly Western Avenue)
Surulere, Lagos.

Sango-Ota –
1, Otun Crescent,
Off Ijoko Road,
Sango-Ota, Ogun State.

Enugu –
53, Morehouse Street,
Ogui – Enugu.

Ibadan –
42/43, Darlington Street,
Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo.

Tel: +234 01-793 7511.
E-mail: info@premierlottong.com
Web: www.premierlottong.com

Methods To Win the Baba Ijebu

There are three methods people players use to try to win the lotto. They are:

  • Predicting
  • Dreaming
  • Targeting Numbers


This is the method of predicting future results based on past experience and results. They use the past Lotto results to see the forthcoming Winning Numbers. The truth about Forecasting is that no matter how you work it out you can’t be sure about any number.


Have you heard some people say they’ve seen lotto numbers while sleeping? It happens after they play the numbers – they say they’ve seen it in a dream. Dreaming has helped many persons and as well disappointed others.

Targeted Numbers:

You’ll be able to target some numbers and continue enjoying that specific number all the time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Baba Ijebu


  • It comes with many play options, which is why it’s possible to win a full array of prizes;
  • Numerous drawings: One drawing every day from Monday to Saturday. Four drawings on Sunday which means numerous opportunities to win;
  • The number of possible combinations that you can use to win is higher than most national lotteries;


  • The winning plans are rather more complicated than your average lottery draw;
  • You can lose. Losing is very likely.

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