FESTAC “17 to RANC’19.

The University of Ibadan, Oyo State, woke to the sound of Culture and Creativity when organisers of FESTAC ’17 gathered young creatives at its Arts Theatre which is now Whole Soyinka Theatre.
With the theme “Art: past, present and future”, the event, which was inspired by FESTAC 77, featured a lecture, performances and art and fashion exhibition and was anchored by radio presenters Official Fearless and Adeyinka.
Oyetoro (Saka); Ali Baba; Project Fame 5th edition winner Adetoun Adekoya; 2017 Miss Nigeria Mildred Ehiguese; Oshisko twins; Peteru; Floyd Igbo and Khadija Adeola.

It featured upcoming artists like Puffy, Timi O.J., Judo and Oche.
According to the creative director of FESTAC ’17, Damilola Akanbi, the project was borne out of the need to revive our art and culture(s), to educate secondary school students and inspire likeness for art.
“I realised that art is gradually reclining in our society during the course of my service days where I discovered in secondary schools that students were rarely informed about art, worse, there were no art teachers in those schools due to the negative impression they have about art. It also aimed at advertising artists who are bent on retaining their love for art through their works. FESTAC ’17 created this platform for artists, non-artists and would-be-artistes. Hence I sought to revive FESTAC ’77 by turning back it to become 17, instead of ’77. ’17, which is short for 2017, the year the initiative was conceived.

Sitting down with Damilola Akanbi on Wednesday after Gov Ibikunle Amosun had spoken to major news outlets about making this Young Mans dream a reality, he gave us some juicy insights to RANC.
He said to have changed the name to RANC for originality and we are liking the sound of it.
“The festival starts with a campaign, 20 secondary schools in Abeokuta, There’s a partnership with the ministry of arts and culture.
There’s a difference this year, there would be an art competition, children. First prize goes home with 50k plus a refrigerator, second goes home with 30k plus a white board, third goes home with 20k plus art text books”
He’s said to have partnered with major brands like
Indomie,Milo, Coca Cola, Bigi, to mention a few.
RANC would be holding at the June 12 Cultural Center.
If you were at the Ogun Drum Festival that held a couple of weeks back you’d have an idea of what to expect from RANC”19 and you’d be as excited as we are.
Would you be letting your siblings register for RANC?

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