Festivals held in Ogun state.

“Culture is the whole complex of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features that characterizes a society or a group. It includes creative expressions, community practices and material or built forms.”

 Ogun State is a south western state in Nigeria and it is a state that is very rich in culture and tourism as it is common with African states.

Ogun state is a very interesting State to be in with the nature, wildlife, artifacts etc and in this post we at Ogunobservers will be bringing forward to you the different festivals held in Ogun state.

Every State has its unique festival as you know and in this post you will get to know the festivals held in Ogun state and also get to know some of them in full details.

Festivals held in Ogun state

Currently there are six(6) festivals held in Ogun Sate and they are:

  1. African Drums Festival
  2. Agemo Festival
  3. Egungun Festival
  4. Lisabi Festival
  5. Ogun Festival
  6. Ojude Oba Festival

The African Drums Festival, Ogun State

African Drums Festival, Ogun State

The African Drums Festival is an annual festival that takes place at the June 12 Cultural Center in Kuto, Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State anually in the month of April.

The maiden edition took place April 16, 2016. The festival lasts for 3 – 4 days and showcases various African Drums (including the tallest drum in Nigeria – 16 feet), drummers, dance troupes and singers.

The opening ceremony of the maiden edition of the festival which lasted for four days, featured performances from Ara, the world renowned female talking drummer, late Hubert Ogunde Memorial Theatre Troupe, Ogun State Troupe, as well as other groups.

The drum festival also had in attendance Ambassadors and High Commissioners from Benin, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Togo, and Jamaica, among others.

African Drums Festival, Ogun State

Each edition has grown bigger with participation of more cultural troupes from within and outside Nigeria.

The 3rd edition took place between April 19-21, 2018 is and  over 20 states in the federation, 70 private troupes and 14 foreign countries, including Haiti, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Republic of Benin, Senegal, Togo and others took part  in this event including the Grammy Award winning musician Angelique Kidjo.

The festival also featured an endurance trek to Olumo Rock with the theme: ‘Walking for drum’…

Agemo Festival

Agemo Festival is a masked or masquerade festival traditionally held in many Yoruba cities but more popularly linked with the Ijebu people of Ogun State. The festival and accompanying rituals are celebrated to honor the spirit deity, Agemo who is believed to be a protector of children and who safeguards Ijebus future through its blessing.

The festival is linked with the traditional African religion, in particular, the practices of the Agemo cult and as such, issues like restriction of movement during certain periods of the festival do occur.

Agemo is an unforeseen phenomenon, a supreme deity and high god (orisa) among the Ijebu people of Yoruba land. The Pre-obanta era connote the existence of some priest who brought Agemo cult into existence in Ijebu land.

It was believed that the deity migrated from Arab Nation of Waddai. Agemo deity comprises of sixteen priests that forms sixteen towns within Ijebu land.

The music played during Agemo festival, the Agemo costume and the chameleon, is a simple representation of the power of the Agemo high god to assume any color that pleases him. The English interpretation of Agemo is chameleon.

As a deity and unseen god, it dishes out instruction to custodian (The Oloja) and the like OLUGBON ASE (TAMI) to be carried out. The festival comes up on every July and August (Osu Agemo) calendar year. Sacrifices and prayers are offered to the Agemo deity to ensure peace and harmony.

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