OOPL Cinemas in Ogun State: Movies And Showtimes

OOPL Cinemas is a theatre where films are shown for public entertainment. If you are in Ogun State and wish to see a nice movie, then locate the Youth Development Centre, OOPL Presidential Boulevard, Oke-Mosan Abeokuta. Come and experience a whole new Cinemas entertainment at OOPL Cinemas.

This guide covers the OOPL websites, email, address, showtimes, how to book ticket, prices and many more. Are you ready? Continue reading for everything you need to know right now about the OOPL Movie Centre.

How to Buy Movie Ticket At OOPL Cinemas

Simply walk down to OOPL Cinemas to buy a ticket. Buying a ticket at the venue is fast and you don’t need data to do that.  You can buy more than one ticket and on behalf of your friends and family members.

Your ticket will be checked at the checkpoint and you will be directed to the screen showing the Movie. You have an option to buy drinks, popcorn, water, etc before going inside the Cinemas hall.

OOPL Cinemas Website

oopl show times

The official website for the OOPL Cinemas is https://www.ooplCinemass.com/

When you visit the OOPL Cinemas website, the first thing you will see is an image slider which gives an overview of hot movies available. At the Menu, you will find Now Showing, Coming Soon, Book Now and Contact Page.

In the contact page, you will see the address, email and phone number of the Cinemas center. There is also a contact form you can fill to get in touch with OOPL Cinemas. You can ask them questions regarding available movies and booking of tickets online. Your questions and complaints will be attended to as soon as possible.

When you click on the now showing menu on OOPL website, you will find movies showing today and other days of the week. From each movie, you will see information like:

  • Duration of the movie,
  • Rating of the movie; whether the movie has age restriction (18+),
  • The time of the day the movies will show (some movie show up to six times a day)
  • An option to watch the trailer
  • Whether it is a 2D or 3D Movie
  • Category: Whether the movie is Comedy, Drama, Nollywood, Animation, or Action
  • Description: A little information about what the movie
  • Art or design of the movie.

The Coming Soon menu shows the movie that will soon start showing on the Cinemas. There is an option to watch the trailer of Coming soon movies as well.

OOPL Cinemas Ticket Prices

  • Kids from three to ten years of age are to pay Five hundred Naira to See movies
  • Kids Block Busters and Weekends cost one thousand naira (N1000)
  • Students with valid ID cards are to pay five hundred Naira from morning to 4 PM on Monday to Thursday and One thousand Naira (N1000) from 4 PM.
  • Corp members with valid ID cards are to pay five hundred Naira from morning to 4 PM on Monday to Thursday and One thousand Naira (N1000) from 4 PM.
  • Students and Corp members with valid ID cards are to pay one thousand five hundred Naira (N1,500) on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays/Public holidays.
  • Adults are to pay One thousand Naira (N1,000) for Movie tickets on Mondays to Thursdays.
  • Adults are to pay One thousand and Five hundred Naira (N1,500) for Movie tickets on Friday to Sundays/Public holidays.



Youth Development Centre, OOPL, Presidential Boulevard, Oke-Mosan., Abeokuta
081 8110 0998


No. of Screens: There is only one screen to see movies at oopl Cinemas as at the time of writing this article.No. of Seats                     184

Concession                       Yes

Audio                       Dolby SR 5.1; 7.1

Screen Color                   Silver

Visual                          2D [3D Ready]

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