The Re- Match.

Maybe Blacks are not so immune.
I’m sure you know this concept of what you don’t believe in cannot hurt you but this isn’t a story about that; to be honest this isn’t a story at all but a lesson maybe even a conspiracy theory.
This is about A Curse, A Black Boy and Adam Lyon (You know they guy from “My gym Partner is a monkey”). I’m talking about the supposed Drake’s Curse, Anthony Joshua’s IGs post about breaking it and the shocking Andy Ruiz Jnrs Win.
If you’re thinking this story is late and stale think again because Andy has insisted for a rematch and guess what!!! He is getting it. (This makes me thing the match was a joke but you know)
Who is Anthony Joshua? He is a British professional boxer of Nigerian origin, who is a current world heavyweight champion, along with having set multiple other records. He holds his well-earned IBF title since 2016, and he also has WBA and IBO titles, which he got in April 2017.
The famous boxer Anthony Joshua was born on the 15th of October, 1989, in Watford (Hertfordshire, England). He had Nigerian roots: his mother, Yeta Odusanya, is Nigerian, and his father Robert Joshua is British, but he also has Nigerian ancestry. Actually, his full name is Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua, and at school, he was often called “Femi” by friends and teachers, as a reference to his middle name Oluwafemi. He also has a famous cousin – a professional boxer Ben Ileyemi, who is also unbeaten.
In simpler terms, his Nigerian root is from Ogun State. Yes, you read this right Your Beloved Amazing Hot Daddy is Omo Ogun.

The fight with Andy Ruiz Jnr was a very hyped event as it served as a prelude to his fight with Deontay Wilder who is supposedly ruthless and spares his opponents no punches, this was supposed to be an easy least fight leaving Ruiz looking like a bag of potatoes and reaffirming Joshua’s Zaddy Status in the boxing world. However, it was a gbasgbos moment as Ruiz knocked Joshua out repeatedly until the Referee put a stop to the match in the (7th) Seventh round, I mean 1,2,3…7 Ruiz kept knocking Joshua down like he was spilling water, some even said he did it effortlessly.
This match knocked the breath out of the world and sure enough people started pointing fingers; While some said it was because of the Picture Anthony took with Drake hereby making himself a victim of the Drake Curse, Wilder Said Joshua was just a lucky Boxer, Others attributed it to just being a bad day for Joshua.

The most important reaction is that of a conspiracy theory that is starting to make sense, it is said that if he’s beaten by Ruiz and he goes on to beat Wilder and gets his belt then has a rematch with Ruiz and gets the belt he lost to him back He would gain a whole lot of respect in the boxing world and a whole lot of money too.
I’m not saying that is what it is, I’m just saying Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jnr already agreed to a rematch happening sooner than later.

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